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We are an independently based and family run company existent since 1998, based in Wandsworth, friendly and catering to individual tastes.


From comprehensive consultations through to the completion of any work for our clients, we can offer advice based off years of successful experience.


We have the utmost respect for our trading clientele, and provide each of them with a dedicated account manager, in addition to many discounts and benefits.


In addition to highly competitive prices, we aim to match prices for any product or specification elsewhere, brand for brand.


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One of the key features of Bathrooms at Source is our customer friendly approach to everything we do. We are independent and family based as a business, so we understand how important it is for customers to feel the same way about their homes and their own families. This naturally applies to how we function as a company. Thus we offer a showroom which anyone can visit for free to see our products firsthand, and we also offer an online shop from which you can order online and get delivery the next day - and free delivery to any part of London!

One of the biggest brands we offer is Crosswater. Crosswater offers many different products, and has multiple ranges within its main brand: Acute, Atol, Curve, Glide, Trapeze, Tropic, Sparkle, Glitter, Belgravia Crosshead Chrome, and many more. The beauty of Crosswater’s ranges is also within its variety, as through us you can get Crosswater taps for almost any style of bathroom, apartment or house. Tropic for example has an unusual downward curve which adds a degree of class to any bathroom. Atol is more commercially oriented in appearance but might work for a very modern house. Curve is very interesting in appearance and stands out from most other taps. Within Crosswater you have many different options.

Knowing that it’s important to pick the right style of tap for your bathroom, that’s why we are here; at Bathrooms at Source we know how necessary it is to make the correct decisions for everything in your house, not just your bathroom (although of course that is our focus). What if you have a house with a really hyper modern design? Then you might want the taps in your bathroom to reflect this appropriately. Crosswater Edge offers a curved tap with a clear rectangular handle; this might be a good option in such a case, for example. Another example would be Crosswater Elite which is also curved but in the opposite direction from Crosswater Edge. Elite, however, is significantly more expensive, so it’s a matter of choosing according to your budget as well as style.